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To recall a screen set simply hit that number key. This is highly useful when toggling between views in mixing or editing. For instance, you may only want to see the mixer window so everything else including the main window can be closed or vice versa. This functionality is super cool for the situation when you forget to hit the record button. It will retrieve the MIDI data most recently played — a real lifesaver! All these commands for editing automation can be found under the mix menu, but the shortcuts can be extremely useful once you commit them to memory.

The dual tool menu in the piano roll editor operates the same as in the main view with a programmable command-based side option see above. Some of the most common operations are:. But if you make it a practice to look things up when a shortcut seems appropriate in your workflow, you will find these commands will get embedded in memory naturally over time.

To get started with the basics, below are a few shortcuts, culled from the lists above, that are absolutely essential to get under your fingers. With this window active you can search for existing shortcuts or select an action and assign a key command to the shortcut.

You can also zoom in to see regions or events in closer detail, or zoom out to see more of the project. Most Logic Pro windows have zoom sliders. When you zoom in or out, the top-left and selected event or region remains in the visible area of the screen. If no selected region or event is visible, zooming is centered around the playhead. You can store three different zoom settings for each window using the Save as Zoom 1—3 key commands.

Use the Recall Zoom 1—3 key commands to recall your zoomed settings. These commands apply only to the active window or window area. Solo Track. Solo Off for All. Toggle Track On. Play From Selection.

Play From Left Window Edge. Set Locators and Play. Move Playhead to Beginning. Capture Recording. Toggle Metronome. Toggle Count-In. Delete recording and Return to Last Position. Advance Playhead 1 Bar. Rewind Playhead 1 Bar. Advance Playhead 8 Bars. Rewind Playhead 8 Bars. Set Locators by Region. Move Locators Back by Cycle Length. Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length. Enable Cycle. Zoom Horizontal Left. Zoom Horizontal Right. Zoom Vertical Out.

Zoom Vertical In. Zoom to Fit Selection or All. Catch Playhead. Scroll in Play. Toggle Grid. Modifiers Using the specified tool, hold down the specified Keys to achieve a different command. Key s. Change to the Zoom tool.

LogicProの「ノーマライズ」は、レコーディングしたオーディオ波形が小さすぎるという場合に活躍します。 波形を音が割れるギリギリまで持ち上げることができる機能です。 Logic Proに備わっている便利機能「ストリップサイレンス機能」を使用することで、リージョン内の「無音」「小さなノイズ部分」を一気にカットすることができます。特にボーカルトラックの無音部分に大き Logic付属の高機能ボコーダー「EVOC 20」を「サイドチェイン」と併せて使用することで、あらゆるオーディオ素材に対し音程をつけることができます。 Logicに付属する「Match EQ」は希望の楽曲周波数を検出、抽出することができる「イコライザー」です。市販作品の音域を抽出することができます。 音をぶつ切りにする「ゲート」を使用することで、トラックに対して、とても面白い効果をだすことができます。 ここではその使用例を解説していきます。 前項の「かけ録り」を応用したレコーディングテクニックを解説していきます。 この方法を使用することで、 「かけ録り」と「素のトラック」の両方をレコーディングしたり、 異なる音量でレコーディング LoigicProのデフォルト設定では、楽曲テンポを変更すると、MIDIはその変更に従いますが、 オーディオファイルの再生速度は変わりません。 ここでは「MIDIトラック」のように、 オーデ Logic X より搭載された「MIDI FX」 様々なMIDI打ち込みを支援してくれる強力な機能が満載です。 その中の「Chord Trigger」を解説していきます。 コード構成音を各鍵



Logic pro x zoom shortcut free download


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A Guide to Essential Logic Pro Keyboard Shortcuts — Pro Audio Files – Logic Pro X Shortcuts


Hello Logic users, Mike here. You can even select several parts, or even notes inside the piano roll editor, then use Z to quickly zoom into the selection.

This will always take you back to the previous zoom stage, and you can go back several steps in case you zoomed in many levels. This will zoom the height of the selected track, but not the width. Which can be nice for seeing the waveform more clearly on audio parts for example. Another benefit is that when this is toggled on, you can simply select another track in your project, which then will be zoomed in height. Sometimes you will want to zoom into a specific section of your song, and that is when the zoom to fit locators can come in handy.

The cycle area does not have to be turned on for this to work, you simply need to make sure your left and right locators are placed where you want them. Because sometimes you will mess up the zoom, and knowing that you can always use this command to go back to the previous zoom setting, in several steps, can be a blessing many times. If you hold down the command key while you drag the bottom of a track up or down, you will set the default track height on all tracks.

This will also set all tracks to that zoom level in height, in case you had different track heights in your projects previously.

If you want to zoom the height vertical zoom in steps in or out, you simply hold down the command key while pressing the up or down arrow. If you want to zoom the height horizontal zoom in steps in or out, you simply hold down the command key while pressing the left or right arrow. If you have a trackpad you can hold down the option key while you two-finger-swipe up or down to zoom in or out of your project in height vertical zoom.

If you have a trackpad you can hold down the option key while you two-finger-swipe left or right to zoom in or out of your project in height horizontal zoom. Feel free to Bookmark this Page for future reference! Zoom to Selection or All Content Z The main way to zoom into a selected part in your project is to use the key command Z. If nothing is selected when you press Z this key command will zoom to fit all content.

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