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Sprites have a nasty habit of wobbling about, not so bad with the chain link fences at the start but when walls start to twist and sway it can make you feel physically sick.

There are even little black lines around some graphics, which look like they’ve been cut out from the Playstation and pasted back into place on the PC. That said, the animation is pretty good. The dinosaurs move around with a surprising amount of athleticism and watching them pound after you gives you a genuine urge to leggit as fast as you possibly can. Even though you’re more or less restricted to the default controls, they’re pretty easy to pick up and before long you’re blasting away with the pros.

What really helps is the camera which for the most part works surprisingly well, and I say “surprisingly” because just about all games with a third-person view point since the beginning have time have had camera angles where you can’t see anything, can’t tell where you’re going, or see the trap you’re about to walk into.

Dino Crisis , for the most part, avoids these problems. You can see exactly what you need to, and a lot of developers could learn from the camera angles because they tell you what you need to know whilst helping to maintain the atmosphere. There are only occasional problems where Regina has to head towards the camera and you can’t see what’s coming up, and there were a few instances where some hefty scenery makes it difficult to see what’s going on.

But these are the exceptions rather than the rule. The camera angles are also set-up well in the animated cut-scenes, which are well developed and even reasonably scripted.

The voice acting is of a good standard, especially the voice of Regina, which is actually better than many of the old interactive movies.

The only thing that stands out is the name of one of your companions, Gail. He, yup, he is a tough, mission-comes-first, sod-everything-else macho man.

Called Gail. What the game plays like depends on the decisions you make. Go with Gail and you’ll spend most of your time blasting or running away from the dinos; go with Rick and you’ll be solving puzzles instead.

Combat is pretty simple but works quite well. Although there are only three different weapons in the game you get little upgrades along the way, which make them more powerful. You can also make stun darts by mixing ingredients in your inventory which knock out the dinosaurs rather than kill them outright.

For some reason these are fired from the shotgun rather than the handgun. The enemies also possess some kind of intelligence, although they’re not hyper-intelligent – after all, they are dinosaurs. One of their favourite tricks is to play dead, and when you try to get past they’ll knock you over or grab a good mouthful. Another problem is that even if you choose to do the puzzles rather than combat you’ll still run very low on ammo, causing you to run away from enemies rather than taking them on which, let’s face it, is the whole point of having them there in the first place.

The puzzles are typical of many console games, and largely involve shifting some crates that are in your way with a crane, for example. You’ve got to find some cards to operate the crane, and once you have them you have to figure out how to move the blocks because the crane will only operate a certain way. The difficulty of these puzzles is set just about right: they’re not overly complex, and although they’re pretty easy, not one is a no-brainer.

Capcom has also done a good job of balancing the puzzle-to-Dino ratio, although I suspect they could have made things busier as it can feel a tad empty in places.

There are, of course, little niggles that tend to creep in now and again. Dinosaurs can disappear once you’ve left the room and one of the crate-moving puzzles even resets itself. Another problem is that in order to progress you need to make notes of what you find in journals which tell you how to solve puzzles, open doors etc. Not a problem in itself you understand, but you end up scribbling down the most bizarre interpretation of what the book said on a scrap of paper and then have to spend ages frantically trying to dig it out once you need it.

It’s the only really bad piece of game design, but games kept notes for you ten years ago, and not including it is one heck of a regression. If you can get past the silly conversion errors I still can’t believe they left out an “exit” option and knew about it and the default controls, there’s a decent game lying underneath.

It’ll only take you a good weekend to get through it but there are enough alternative routes and Easter eggs to make you come back for more.

It has to be said, though, that it’s getting on a bit now. The sequel is available on the Playstation, and there are any number of Resident Evil style shooters on the market to make Dino Crisis very easy to overlook. If you can get it cheap from a bargain bin then it’d be OK, but whatever you do, don’t pay full price.

Ranchocucama -1 point. I’m able to run the game perfectly and especially with a controller. I just cant seem to get the movie scenes to play. All I get is audio and a black screen. Cutscenes play out fine its just the movie scenes. Ahmad 0 point. Found the source next version the one that works with dino crisis classic re birth just by googling “dino crisis sourcenext download” It’s the first link from archive org. Amyrakunejo points. Sweet Mercy. One can make a copy of the PC version, no problem, and it’ll run just fine on another PC.

Now, with that out of the way, I have played the PC version, and aside from the controls being customizable, what’s difference? Not much. So what? I’m okay with that. A femme protag?

Yeah, I like that. No, I’m not ‘one of those “dUdEs” that pretends to be a girl’, I am a girl, a femme, and I love these older games, so you all can sit back, strap in, and shut up. Tydyman -3 points. I played both versions, and can tell you there is huge difference. Well, actually I can’t tell I played the pc version. I should say I tried to play it, and I couldn’t. Like the guy said in the description, this is one of the worst ports ever made.

It is like Capcom gave the task to a game developing 1st year students or something like that. It is horrible, I deleted it after 10 minutes. As for the PSX version, I played it on the original psx, not even emulation, but the real stuff, and it was really wonderful experience.

Many PC versions are superior to psx’s, but not this one, trust me on this. All of you people. WAHID87 0 point. Gerhalt points. This game’s so overrated IMO. Perhaps it used to be impressive back in with its original PSX version. That’s my guess since I didnt play it back then. However I once rented the PC version, and it was such a let down. I mean generally speaking the game’s fine, but that’s it.

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Dino Crisis: Classic Rebirth — A horror story in the dino crisis pc free of which the heroine named Regina finds herself on a mysterious island.

Here she will face bloodthirsty dinosaurs. The gameplay is a classic fixed camera third person survival horror game. The fre is divided cdisis three mechanics: fight monsters, explore rooms and solve puzzles. Puzzles are a variety of lockpicking, overwriting passcards, finding xrisis, etc. In certain rooms is saved. The story begins with a special forces unit landing on the island of Ibis. Your mission is to Dr. You have to evacuate вот ссылка from the continent where dino crisis pc free has been an accident: dinosaurs have invaded.

An immortal monster, Tyrannosaurus, is present. It has enormous proportions that allow it to break down walls. Frde Regina throughout the game. T-Rex acts читать далее the final boss.

To destroy it you need to use the Third Energy, which will dissolve the monster in space. Multiple endings. There are 3 different endings. The final fight with T-Rex decides the outcome. Download Game. In very rare cases there is a password to the archive.

When you come across it, the password is: Junub Games computer developing team is a team of 15 well-experienced members in different fields of game and computer programming and designing.

Altogether, the team puts much effort to dino crisis pc free and provide you with the latest and most popular PC games and software. Road Rash Download Free. Confrontation Download Free. King under the mountain Download Free. The blackout club Rcisis Free. Griftlands Download Free. This dino crisis pc free uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Dino crisis pc free Read More. Characters in Dino Crisis: Classic REbirth: Rick is a programmer with the ability to disable security systems; Gale is a unit commander who knows more about the fred than meets the eye; Tom is an observer planted on the island to crisid information; Cooper is a liaison who went missing during surgery; Edward Kirk is a brilliant but very eccentric scientist.

Size: 2. Execution: Version 1. Computer Developing Team. You might also like. Prev Next.


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IN Dino crisis the user takes control over a fighter of a special group of operatives. Together with his squad, the main character went to capture Professor Kirk in order dino crisis pc free shed light on the details of his investigations. The operation from the government is secret and important. The team is delivered by a helicopter to a tropical island, which has been feee the control of a doctor for a long time.

No one knows what the professor was doing, but the operatives who were on the spot noticed something was wrong. They ссылка на продолжение with huge footprints of monstrous paws, huge and torn off pieces of meat and often spilled blood.

They soon encountered cdisis first dinosaur. As it turned out, Kirka was conducting scientific experiments to restore the dinosaur population. He succeeded, and several meter-long and multi-ton creatures roam перейти на страницу over the island, capable of instantly tearing dino crisis pc free person apart. The gameplay is similar to the famous Resident Evil adventure. Together with allies, the gamer moves across vast locations читать полностью tries to destroy huge creatures.

Enemies are tenacious and strong, which is why you need to spend a lot of time and ammunition on each. The main task is to take the doctor prisoner and leave the island alive. Dino crisis pc free soon as the squad reached dino crisis pc free scientist’s laboratory, they found him dead.

But it soon turned out that his death was just a trick, and experiments were being carried out in a secret research center to create a new source of energy. Once they managed to idno the source, he revived the creatures. The site administration is not responsible for the content of the materials on the resource. If dino crisis pc free are the copyright holder and want to completely or partially remove your material from our site, then write to the administration with links px the relevant documents.

Your property was freely available and that is why it was published on our website. The site is non-commercial and we are not able to check all user posts. Dino crisis Download PC Game. Dino Crisis screenshots:. Size: Mb. If you come across it, the password is: online-fix.

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