What are the Field Size Limits in QuickBooks Desktop?

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Character limitations for fields in quickbooks desktop
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Oct 14,  · Mothernode CRM Field QuickBooks Field QuickBooks Max Character Limit; Account: Account Name: Account ID: Account Number: 7: Customer Name: Customer . May 19,  · QuickBooks Field: OnTime Field: QuickBooks Desktop Maximum Characters: Customer, Vendor, and Other names: Customer Name: Item Name/Number: Price Set . Apr 23,  · Each field in your company data file has a maximum number of characters that can be entered. Here’s the maximum number of characters you can enter in each field. Field .

Character limitations for fields in quickbooks desktop. Character Limits for Fields in QuickBooks


Now, when you are using software, there are times wherein you are required to input certain characters. When you are performing a syncing experience in QuickBooks, with your Desktop, or QB online, the chances of error are pretty common.

These errors are probably caused due to the limitation within the software itself. There are certainly acceptable and non-acceptable characters and limits to it. If you keep that in mind, you will be able to avoid all sorts of possible and potential errors in the software. Invalid characters in QuickBooks company name, or with the name of one of your list items can lead to a severe server error.

Not just that, there can be other problems as well which you will face when you do not emphasize the character. These characters can be placed in many lists like Customers, Products as well as Vendors and Services, or the Chart of Accounts. Now, you have to recheck whether you have inputted any special character that is not mentioned in the above list.

And this is placed in your company name, which might later create a problem for using the software. In such cases, you need to follow the given steps to change it and enjoy using the software without error. First is, choose the setting option and in that, you need to select Account and Settings. In that, move by selecting Edit, and then in the company name section, you can edit the entry a per your wish.

Remember, remove all the invalid special character since it is not acceptable by QuickBooks. As said, you might have added the special character in different lists too apart from the company name.

For that, you need to be sure as well and this can be done by using the left menu. Visit the expenses, worker centre, sales and then lookout for any special character that you have used to enter the name for the same? You can also access further list from the setting option in your Toolbar and then check All lists. You can check all list for any entries that have the special character in the name.

If you find it, immediately edit it without further ado. Once you have removed all the special characters from your QuickBooks software, company name, lists. You are free to use the software easily, without having to face errors.

Sometimes, even though you are well versed with using the software and keeping character limits in mind. You might still encounter an error which is something you are not sure why it is popping on the screen.

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QuickBooks Desktop Import Description Error | AutoEntry Help Center.

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