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Semi-consultative transfer. Known defects, or bugs, have a severity level that indicates the priority of the defect. These release notes include the following bug types:.

Reasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted. No workarounds exist. Important functions are unusable and workarounds do not exist. Other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally. Failures occur in unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or other failures occur but low-impact workarounds exist.

Failures occur under very unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. Users do not need to install any workarounds and performance impact is tolerable. To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for field, then press Enter.

Alternatively, you can search by product and release. For more information, select Help at the top right of the Bug Search page. Fixed an issue where the Webex app would fail to connect to phone services after staying closed for an extended period of time approximately 2 hours or more.

Fixed an issue where, beginning with version Clearing the entire call history wouldn’t solve the issue. The alert indicator still triggered. Fixed an issue with Webex teams version Webex team app and VDI plugin both keep crashing within a few seconds when broadcloud calling is enabled.

Webex VDI Outbound calling fails using Webex desktop application within end-user’s Citrix. July 26, view s people thought this was helpful. Overview Requirements Version support Releases Caveats Virtual desktop infrastructure With VDI, instead of a traditional desktop, you have a thin client and a hosted virtual desktop.

Your hosted virtual desktop includes your Microsoft Windows desktop Applications such as Webex App Data Using your thin client, you access your hosted virtual desktop over a secure Citrix or VMware connection. Connection broker for the hosted virtual desktop HVD Supported hosted virtual desktops Thin client operating system Supported Windows thin clients Supported Linux thin clients Supported MacOS thin clients Feature highlights For new features for each release, see the Releases tab for more information.

Added automatic upgrade for the VDI plugins. The plugins associated with App version Features For newly supported features, see the December release information in What’s new for Webex App. Features For newly supported features, see the October release information in What’s New for Webex.

Features For newly supported features, see the August release information in What’s New for Webex. HVD version : From this release onward, “Webex Teams” is rebranded to “Webex.

Bug Severity Levels. These release notes include the following bug types: All severity level 1 or 2 bugs Significant severity level 3 bugs All customer-found bugs except severity level 6 enhancement requests Severity Level Description 1 Catastrophic Reasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted.

This is the highest level for documentation bugs. Search for Bugs. WebView2 will be required for proper operation of Webex beginning in June, Learn more about WebView2 and Webex. Webex App has its own automatic update solution that is independent from the Windows operating system. The app can automatically update without the knowledge of the Windows operating system, so the installed version of the app may be different from the version the user sees while using the app.

To install Webex App, users don’t need to have administrator access privileges on their machines. Users double-click the Webex. By default, Webex App is installed in the Applications folder, however users can drag and drop Webex App to any other directory. The app has its own auto-update solution, independent from the operating system’s installation mechanism.

The app is only installed once using the operating system mechanism. After that, the app automatically updates without the knowledge of the operating system.

Therefore, the installed version of the app might be a different version than the one you see while using the app. A new release takes 7 days to roll out to everyone. During those 7 days, users can proactively check for updates. Users can read Update the app to the latest release. If you have Pro Pack for Control Hub, you can check what version of the app your users are on. When Webex App is running, it periodically checks to see if there is a newer version of the app available.

When a newer version becomes available, the app automatically downloads the new version and stores it on the local computer:. We store the current version and the new version of the application in these folders, so that the app can fall back if the upgrade does not work out.

If we release a patch for a release, we update all organizations within a 3 day rollout window. You can set the frequency of Webex App updates with the Product update controls.

See the software download page to get a copy of the OS installation package. Because of this third-party integration, you must contact 10ZiG for technical support. For more information, see the 10ZiG page for your specific thin client. For Webex App to function properly for your users and be optimized for VDI, you must use the thin client build. For full featured meetings with Webex App , you or your users must either install the bundled VDI plugin or the two separate VDI plugins on a thin client.

You cannot use the bundled VDI plugin package on Linux thin clients. For Linux, you must install the separate VDI plugins. Install only the Webex app in the HVD environment. No other apps are required. Make sure you follow the Full-featured meetings requirements.

Install the Webex app VDI plugin for the supported thin client platform:. For feature limitations for each release, see the release notes. You must disable auto upgrade for Webex App and use the versions that are available on the download link above. When users either don’t use the VDI optimized solution or are in fall back mode, HD video is disabled and Webex App shows a notification that you may see a media quality issue.

We do not recommend that users use VDI in unoptimized or fallback mode. Their camera or headset may not work and they may experience poor media quality. Only the audio device selected on the HVD plays the ringtone.

Then, Expressway-E can transmit to the thin client. For fallback mode, the Mode Selection registry key cannot control the media for an auto-answered Unified CM call. In non-optimization mode or fall back mode, Citrix device mapping supports a maximum of 4 devices. On Citrix for Linux, we only support voicemail playback by using the default device on the thin client.

So when you want to play back voicemail using your preferred audio device, you need to open the sound settings on the thin client to set the device that you want to use by default. If you run version or later, you don’t have to uninstall and reinstall. If the thin client is on-premises, Unified CM calling may be blocked by some firewall settings. Webex Calling and Webex App built-in calling are not affected. VMware Horizon client version 8.

For compatibility mode: If users have the previous VDI plugin version including only upgrading the Webex app to If vdpService. On VMware for Linux and Windows, we only support voicemail playback by using the default device on the thin client.

For VMware Cloud desktop deployments, you must enable the UDP connections between the internal network and the Expressway-E—port ranges from — Users can start multiple Citrix or VMware sessions, but only one connection instance works and the other instances fall back to non-VDI mode. If you want to use VMware, make sure no Citrix Agent is installed.

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Learn more about how Cisco is using Inclusive Language. The steps include what you need to do on the hosted virtual desktop HVD environment and what users need to do on their thin clients. To prepare for your users wanting to access the Webex App remotely from thin client devices, set up the Webex App on the centralized hosted virtual desktop HVD environment.

In Control Hub, you can use an organization-level setting to either enable or disable VDI optimization and detection for your Webex App users. By default, the setting is enabled. Thin clients are typically lightweight or repurposed computers that users use to establish a remote connection with a centralized HVD server where Webex App is hosted. For full featured meetings with the Webex App , you or your users must install two separate VDI plugins on a thin client.

To prepare for your users wanting to access the Webex App remotely from thin client devices, set up Webex App on the centralized hosted virtual desktop HVD environment. If your organization has its own download site that includes your site-specific Webex App , go to that site and download your organization-specific version.

If you use auto-upgrade, we recommend that you move your Control Hub organization to the slow channel. For more information, see Upgrade Management in this guide. See the following table for explanations of the arguments that you can use when installing Webex App in a VDI environment.

For information about user preferences and how to preserve them, see User preferences. This is useful in a shared environment typically non-persistent VDI. Use this option if you prefer to manually maintain upgrades.

The argument does not affect a non-VDI environment. If using this option, ensure that your organization is configured for slow channel. When installing the bundled components for Webex App, if you have administrative privileges, you can use this argument to lock the version of the app that is used to join meetings, if the version is compatible with the site version. WebView2 is required for proper operation of Webex.

See User preferences for more information. Users may be in a Citrix environment and not have the thin client installed or the virtual channel is disconnected. We support this scenario with fallback to a non-virtual Webex App installation. In this mode, the app shows a warning that the quality of video may be affected. Once the virtual channel is connected, the app can change to VDI mode. Use this table to understand the different installation combinations and how they affect media optimization for Unified CM, Webex Calling, and calls on Webex App.

The roaming database contains all user credentials and preferences, encrypted using AES As a VDI customer, you should always back up the above folder, so that user credentials and preferences are maintained across VDI sessions. Users access the Webex App through a virtualized Windows environment. Walk through the deployment steps in the Azure admin portal to create the host pool, virtual machines, and related settings. A host pool is a collection of VMs that offer a similar service.

Azure indicates when the virtual environment is ready.


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Install the Webex App VDI plugin on thin client machines for the following platforms: Windows—Install the Webex App VDI plugin on Windows thin. Deployment guide for Webex App for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).